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Association Capacity Task Force Survey

Learn more about this survey before starting

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus our Christ. As we approach the summer months and a slightly slower pace in the life of our congregations, we hope this finds you doing well and with some time for rest and renewal.


We are the Association Capacity Taskforce of the NHCUCC, charged to imagine a reorganization of the current statewide associational structure. The need for this reorganization emerged from a recognition that the landscape of ministry and congregational life is changing, and the current structure was designed for a culture that existed in a different time! As is probably true for you and your congregation, volunteers across our state are looking for meaningful work that actually builds the Beloved Community we seek in the ‘Kin-dom’ of Heaven, and fewer and fewer of you are finding this meaning in the largely administrative work currently entrusted to seven Associations throughout New Hampshire.

However, we cannot fulfill our charge without your input. Please take a moment to answer the nine-question survey below. This is one of several informational searches we’ll be initiating in the next few months, and we hope you will continue to engage with us in this process. Our hope is to recommend a reorganized structure in the Fall of ’23 that will effectively support congregations’ ministers and our conference staff throughout New Hampshire.

We will be distributing this survey through many channels but please only fill it out once! PLEASE RESPOND NO LATER THAN JULY 30th, 2023.


Thanks for your time and your ministries!


Association Capacity Taskforce of the NHCUCC: Rev. Shayna Appel, Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood, Rev, Sara Marean, Marcie Miller, & Rev. Gayle Murphy


1. Please note in which NHCUCC Association your church and/or your standing is held/ located

    (If different, note both)*


2. Please note your role in your church and faith community (please check all that apply)*

3. Have you ever attended an Association Meeting?*

Selct all time ranges that apply

4. I have a good understanding of the role of Associations in our UCC Polity and in our NHCUCC*

5. The Association serves a valuable role in our UCC Covenantal Policy*

6. I am happy with the current arrangement and structure of our Associations in the NHCUCC*

7. I am open to changes in the current configuration/arrangement and structure of Associations in the ....NHCUCC*

8. I am interested in participating in discussions about the future of associations in our Conference*

9. Please leave any additional comments, questions, or requests for more information here

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Thank you so much for your participation!  God bless you and your community of faith and spirit!


Association Capacity Taskforce of the NHCUCC

Rev. Shayna Appel:

Rev. Larry Brickner-Wood: or

Rev. Sara Marean:

Marcie Miller:

Rev. Gayle Murphy:



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