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Speak Outs

Deadline Thursday, August 31st

For our 2023 Annual Meeting, the New Hampshire Conference is accepting up to10 Speak Out Videos to be played during the Annual Meeting.  All videos must be sixty (60) seconds or less and adhere to the following protocols:

  1. Videos can only be submitted by members of New Hampshire Conference Churches.  All videos need to be received at no later than on Thursday, August 31st.

  2. All participants in the videos must submit a signed video release form along with the video which can be found here.

  3. Video participants should begin by introducing themselves by name, pronouns and church affiliation.  

  4. Matters discussed in videos should be of import to our common life together as Christ’s Church.  

  5. All videos should be presented respectfully and be appropriate to be viewed by the gathered church at Annual Meeting.

  6. Videos should not address matters on the agenda for the Annual Meeting as there will be opportunity for such deliberation at other times during the meeting.  

  7. All videos should be recorded in a landscape format and should not have any graphics or other effects overlaid on top of the video.

  8. Insure video audio is clear and understandable.

These Video Speak Outs will be the only speak out opportunity at this years Annual Meeting.

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