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Ukama Sunday Resources and More!

As fall ministries kick off in local churches, the Ukama Mission Group of the NH Conference extends its warm greetings and hopes that this year, you will take part in Ukama Sunday. While the 'official' Ukama Sunday falls on October 22, you have the flexibility to choose a date that best suits your schedule.

Below you will find a document containing suggestions for celebrating Ukama Sunday. Much of the guidance remains consistent with previous years, but there are a few new recommendations to accommodate the growing use of internet-based communication platforms such as Zoom and Facebook.

Ukama Sunday Worship Resources 2023
Download PDF • 133KB

In the attached document, it is mentioned that scanned hymns, complete with lyrics, musical notes, and translations, can be provided upon request. To make such requests, please reach out directly to

Recognizing that some partnerships may lack essential contact information like WhatsApp numbers or email addresses, the Ukama Mission Group has requested a comprehensive list of contact details for all Ukama churches in the UCCZ. This information will be shared with you as soon as it becomes available.

The Ukama Mission Group is eager to hear from you regarding your plans for celebrating Ukama Sunday. Please keep them informed about your intended activities and observances.

In addition to the joy of celebrating partnerships, the Ukama Mission Group is aware that some churches may be facing challenges that make it difficult to sustain their partnership. In such cases, they kindly request that you hold off on any immediate decisions and engage in a discussion with them. As the partnership is founded on a covenant, the group wishes to facilitate a proper 'farewell' that includes your UCCZ church partner. Furthermore, they hope to explore the possibility of matching your UCCZ partner with an NHC church looking to enter into the Ukama initiative. If you are contemplating dissolving your partnership, please do let them know.

As local churches embark on their fall ministries, the spirit of Ukama Sunday serves as a reminder of the enduring bonds that connect communities across different regions. It is a time for celebration, reflection, and renewal of commitments that bridge geographical boundaries and foster spiritual growth.

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